Junior MHRA was conceived as a result of a joint venture between TSA (Tourism Studies Association) and the MHRA.
One of the main objectives is to bridge the gap between student life and the working world. The Junior MHRA aims to build this platform to a point which would be able to give students experience and insight which they could otherwise not obtain.

Junior MHRA also aims to foster and contribute to the future tourism work force as we strongly believe that the only way of providing a QUALITY tourism product is to have QUALITY people providing it.

We plan to create incentives for students to expand their knowledge of tourism such as industry placements, internships and potentially even job opportunities. We want to be the student’s stepping stone in achieving what they set out to do. By teaming up with our parent organisation, the MHRA, we will be able to do so.

Moreover, we aim to increase interest in pursuing studies in the tourism industry by showing everyone its true vibrant nature and all the opportunities that exist in a country which depends so heavily on it. Tourism stakeholders play such a big part in our country and we want students to feel the same way too.