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The Malta Business Bureau has been operating since October 1996 as the EU advisory office of the Malta Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise (COCE) and the Malta Federation of Industry (FOI) as part of a cooperation process at an International/European level during Malta’s intensive preparation for integration in the European Union. In May 2004, the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) became a full member of the Malta Business Foundation (MBF).

The MBB is run by the MBF which is made up of the senior officials of the three member organisations and meets regularly to discuss policy matters of common interest. The MBB is led by a Chief Executive Officer and has two offices, one in Brussels and one in Malta.

The MBB represents the COCE, the FOI and the MHRA in Brussels by liaising directly with the European institutions such as the European Commission and the European Parliament, the Maltese Permanent Representation and with organisations like BUSINESSEUROPE, EUROCHAMBRES and HOTREC on the most important policy and funding issues affecting the Maltese Business interests. In Malta, MBB keeps close relationship with Government Departments, Agencies and other bodies to maintain a continuous monitoring of the evolving issues and policies from Malta’s perspective and how they are to be implemented locally with the least burden on business sector.

The MBB also advises the COCE, the FOI, the MHRA and their respective members on policy developments and legislative proposals currently being discussed in the decision-making system. It also promotes the interaction of Maltese business and EU personnel and European Parliament by organising programmes for members of FOI, COCE and MHRA and also specific briefings, seminars and information campaigns on issues of interest which are also open to the general public.

Mission Statement

Malta Business Bureau will strive to:

  • Create a high profile and coherent image for Malta across EU Institutions and business organisations.
  • Stimulate interest in and awareness of the EU and its policies amongst Maltese business.
  • Update and advise the members of the Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise, the Federation of Industry, the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association and sponsoring companies on policy developments and legislative proposals with the EU decision-making system.
  • Assist in securing EU funding.
  • Provide intelligence and contacts to sponsoring companies.