IT-3-2015-Seminar-qtr4-bov-delDuring the foruth qurarter of 2014 Malta’s Tourism sector continued to report improvements over the same period last year on most key performance indicators in line with the trends recroded in 2013.

All hotel sectors reported increases in occupancy, room rates and non-accommodation income, resulting in signifantly improved revenue.  All sectors also reported increases in their cost base but such increases were more than offset by the revenue improvement resulting in improved bottom line.

The 5-star sector reported a 24% increase in Gross Operating Profit per available room (GOPAR)when compared to the same period last year and a 17% increase on a full year bases.

The 4-star sector reported a 47% increase in GOPAR when compare to the same peri od last year and a 20% increase on full year bases.

The Q4 losses reported by the 3-star sector were less than half of what was reported in 2013.  In fact on 2013 this sector reported a GOPAR of  71%.

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