The increase in tourist arrivals for the fourth quarter of 2015 over 2014 is consistent with the continuous reduction in seasonality recorded in 2015 as well as in previous years, with low-season months featuring the highest growth figures in terms of tourist arrival.

Only marginal increase in collective accommodation guest nights were reported, while the majority of additional generated guest nights were absorbed by private accommodation.

These trends are consistent with the results from our survey, where out of the three surveyed hotel classes, only 3-star hotels reported occupancy growth during the quarter.  All three hotel classes reported increases in gross operating profit on average.  This was achieved through increases in room rates by the 4-star and 5-star sectors and through increased occupancy in the 3-star sector.

On a  year-to-year basis, Malta’s hotel sector continue to report positive growth in 2015, notwithstanding a relatively flat trend in overall collective accommodation bed nights.  All sectors reported significant rate improvements leading to increased revenue and profitability as well as increased expenditure in payroll, direct costs, property maintenance and marketing.  The increase in expenditure is indicative of a general upgrade in Malta’s accommodation product which is bieng reflected in increased prices.


Tourism Arrivals      +6%           Guest Nights        -0.5%        Tourist Expenditure     +15.8%



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