MHRA Representations on Boards and Committees – 2014 – 2015


Malta Tourism Authority Executive Board Kevin De Cesare
Enterprise Consultative Council Isabella Debattista
Monitoring Committee of the Operational Programmes (OP I & OP II) Andrew Agius Muscat
MEPA Tony Zahra, Andrew Agius Muscat, Michael Stivala
MEPA – Height limitations Michael Stivala
MCESD Tony Zahra, Andrew Agius Muscat
MEUSAC – Core Group Kyle Borg, Daniel Debono
MBB/MBF Board Andrew Agius Muscat, Kyle Borg
HOTREC Tony Zahra, George Micallef, Andrew Agius Muscat
HSU George Micallef, Andrew Agius Muscat
Active Labour Market Policy Action Committee (Min of Education & Employment – Jobs+ Norbert Grixti
ESCO Project Andrew Agius Muscat
Green Committee –  MTA Andrew Agius Muscat
Green Economy & Green Jobs Ing. Joseph Restall, Keith Pace
MTA Star Awards Committee Isabella Debattista
EEA & Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 Andrew Agius Muscat
Stakeholders Group – National Waste Management Plan Ing. Joseph Restall
Bilbao Agency for Health & Safety at Work Andrew Agius Muscat (full member)John B. Scicluna (alternate Member)
Apprenticeships Programme Andrew Agius Muscat
Working Group on Food Waste Ing. Joseph Restall
Erasmus+ Stakeholders Committee Andrew Agius Muscat
ESF Committee Kyle Borg
ITS Board of Directors Adrian Attard
Northern Network Group Isabella Debattista
Employment Relations Board Isabella Debattista
MCCAA  – Board of Directors Isabella Debattista
Euro Centre for Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP) Andrew Agius Muscat