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A Carrying Capacity Study of Tourism in the Maltese Islands 

EU Funded Project Ref. ESF 04.148

Project Description – The purpose of the project is to carry out a study into the sustainability of the Maltese tourism sector. It will identify the baseline situation, identify gaps and challenges, highlight opportunities, and propose recommendations. The latter will help facilitate further development and evolution of Malta’s tourism sector, which is a key economic sector. The study will recognise the impact Covid-19 has had, and will have, on the tourism sector in the short-medium term, especially in terms of existing and future bed supply, and the implications associated with over supply. It will facilitate continued policy dialogue with stakeholders and policymakers to present tangible recommendations improving the quality and sustainability of the sector, while limiting its social and environmental impact and enhancing its long-term growth in terms of jobs and skills. The study will also help inform a series of workshops targeting employees, focusing on the main areas which emerge from the study.

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