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Learn about the Food and Beverage Standards Chinese Guests expect at your establishment. The Chinese Traveller Standards service course explains the basics of Chinese culture, with a special focus on food and beverage services. Learn about Chinese tea culture, the Chinese banquet and how to engage in a respectful and informed manner with your Chinese guests.

Understanding the Chinese Traveler Hotel and Spa
Knowing the unique wants and desires of our guests from various global regions enables us to customize experiences, create memories and build loyalty. This session focuses on the distinctiveness of the Chinese traveler, and preferences and expectations for their travel experience.

Understanding the Chinese Traveler Food and Beverage
It is said that the way to capture the heart of a Chinese traveler is through the stomach. Learning more about our Chinese guests and understanding their ideal dining experience will inform the way we interact, speak to our menu and provide service.
India is among the fastest growing outbound travel market with young Indians now embarking on an outbound holiday at a much younger age. India outbound tourism market size is expected to generate revenues of around US$ 62 billion by 2026. The Indian traveller is becoming more discerning and looking for tailored and customised trips, with digitization, rise in internet users and growing internet penetration, there’s an increased awareness for Indians to explore the world around them.
Employer’s and Employee’s Rights and Obligations with particular focus on the relative rights and obligations during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Employer and Employee rights and obligations

(i) Conditions of employment
(ii) Leave: Annual Leave, Sick leave, Special leave
(iii) Itemized payslip

Dismissal, Terminations, Redundancies

(i) Definite vs Indefinite contracts – Termination and Dismissal Implications
(ii) Dismissal- Good and Sufficient Cause
(iii) Dismissal- Unfair Dismissal
(iv) Redundancies

Covid-19 related measures

(i) Covid wage supplements
(ii) Quarantine Leave
(iii) Social Measures
(iv) Employment of third country nationals
(v) Liquidity Measures
(vi) Other measures- R&D Fund, Measures to ease lockdown

Participants will:
- Obtain a basic understanding of the rights and obligations pertaining to the Employer and Employee in terms of Maltese Employment Law. Focus on the tourism sector shall be provided.
- Obtain a basic understanding of the rights and obligations pertaining to the Employer and Employee within the Covid-19 pandemic perspective. Focus on the tourism sector shall be provided.

Target Audience
Employers, including but not limited to employers within the tourism industry
HR and management, including but not limited to HR and management within the tourism industry