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In this workshop style-session, the Executive Trainer will work with the teams to create a measurable and specific critical path to getting the results they desire. After this session, the team will have the groundwork to incorporate their action plans for exceptional service.
This session is designed to provide leaders with a better understanding of the Emotional Engagement scale. Discussions will focus on what it takes to create an “awestruck” interaction with guests – and how to avoid the pitfalls of transactional or robotic interactions.
This session takes a deep dive into the reasons and intent behind particular service standards. The understanding of “why” will then transition into discussions surrounding multiple ways to achieve the standards based on various guest scenarios.
Learn how to create five-minute, successful learning opportunities that you can incorporate into your pre-shifts. We will challenge teams to write activities of their own based on their departmental needs, using the tools we discuss.
This session is ideal for teams starting on the Forbes Travel Guide journey. We will identify the most effective ways to create or enhance your service culture and provide best practices that you can put into practice immediately.
This session focuses on holding staff accountable to drive better results. We will delve into communication and accountability as a mindset, rather than a formula, to reinforce one of the most important aspects of leadership.
This session will provide tools for leaders needing to hire and train new associates expediently. While you can use these guidelines in any onboarding scenario, we will focus specifically on the efforts and need to train staff hired for the upcoming season, or in a situation requiring mass rehiring.
In this session we will identify how to cultivate a stronger emotional connection with guests when handling a service opportunity. Learn how empowering staff to resolve guest problems with confidence, as well as empathy, consistently drives greater guest satisfaction and loyalty.
This session highlights how your property’s sense of place can impact the distinctive and luxurious impression you make. Using pictures and stories from the world’s best hotels, restaurants and spas, we will work to define your sense of place and how to best to tell your story.
In this session we will define the Essence of Hospitality and what it means for your property. From there we will create ways to drive this with your teams on a regular basis so that it becomes habit, most especially during stressful times. Learn intuitive service techniques that can assist staff in appropriately reading guests in a variety of situations.
Employer’s and Employee’s Rights and Obligations with particular focus on the relative rights and obligations during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Employer and Employee rights and obligations

(i) Conditions of employment
(ii) Leave: Annual Leave, Sick leave, Special leave
(iii) Itemized payslip

Dismissal, Terminations, Redundancies

(i) Definite vs Indefinite contracts – Termination and Dismissal Implications
(ii) Dismissal- Good and Sufficient Cause
(iii) Dismissal- Unfair Dismissal
(iv) Redundancies

Covid-19 related measures

(i) Covid wage supplements
(ii) Quarantine Leave
(iii) Social Measures
(iv) Employment of third country nationals
(v) Liquidity Measures
(vi) Other measures- R&D Fund, Measures to ease lockdown

Participants will:
- Obtain a basic understanding of the rights and obligations pertaining to the Employer and Employee in terms of Maltese Employment Law. Focus on the tourism sector shall be provided.
- Obtain a basic understanding of the rights and obligations pertaining to the Employer and Employee within the Covid-19 pandemic perspective. Focus on the tourism sector shall be provided.

Target Audience
Employers, including but not limited to employers within the tourism industry
HR and management, including but not limited to HR and management within the tourism industry