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How to Instantly Communicate Genuine Hospitality Over the Phone
First impressions are critical, and they happen fast. You would be surprised how much you have already communicated to your restaurant's guests before you even say a word. Are you aware of what you have actually been telling your guests through your first impressions?

In this video, you will learn four practical ways to shape how your guests perceive you, that can be put into practice today. A positive first impression will help you create happier guests and make your job a lot more fun and rewarding.
For years restaurants have had to deal with a very tight labor market. Since the coronavirus outbreak, the labor situation has changed. In most markets now, there are many more people actively looking for work.

So now the recruiting and hiring challenge to some degree has shifted from “finding and attracting virtually anyone looking for a job” to being much more selective and focused on attracting only the highest quality people.

But, why would the best people want to work at your restaurant? If you don’t have an answer to that question, how can you expect anyone to get excited about joining your team? Many members have found that a simple, easy to implement tool can help them answer that question and attract the best potential team members.
The key to restaurant success is delivering a consistent, superior guest experience, and you can’t do that without a great staff. When you stop tolerating mediocre and low performers, you’ll attract more hard-working, dependable employees.

Your staff will appreciate being part of a team made up of the best workers in your area, and your guests will notice too.
It's hard to make personal connections with takeout and delivery guests, but it's NOT impossible. You have an incredible opportunity to make YOUR restaurant stand out as being the friendliest and most personable restaurant in your area.

Use these best practices and find fun, creative ways to make your pickup and delivery orders more personal. It doesn't have to be something big or elaborate, just sincere and genuine. Your staff will enjoy making someone's day and your guests will notice and appreciate your efforts.
Many independent restaurants are using reservations to space out and control the timing of arriving guests. When responding to questions and requests, the words you choose and the demeanor you project will create an impression of your entire restaurant.

There are three common reservation challenges you will encounter when taking reservations. Watch this video to learn simple but powerful responses that will allow you to meet your guest's needs without putting an unnecessary strain on your restaurant.
While your restaurant is focused on guest health and safety, don't lose sight of hospitality. Your guests need to feel welcome, comfortable, and they need to know that you are glad to see them.

Any of your staff members that interact with a guest need to show them genuine hospitality and greet them with a warm smile. Your smile makes a huge impact on guests, even if it is coming from behind a mask!
Throughout the country, state and local governments have all but banned dine-in traffic for restaurants. Takeout, delivery and curbside pickup are now essential to restaurant survival in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this staff training video, your employees will learn best practices for taking orders over the phone that will benefit them not only now, but also as life returns to normal. Even over the phone, your staff can make a personal connection with and have a positive impact on your guests.
The prospect of having to fire an employee is never an easy thing to do. But often owners and managers err on the side of allowing underperforming or problem employees to hang around way too long.

This short and to the point course will show you and your managers an effective way to give underachieving team members ample opportunity to correct their behavior and get back on track. However, if the issue isn't resolved in a timely manner, you'll learn the rationale for letting them go in a timely manner and how do conduct the final discussion in a respectful, effective way.
Knowing what each of your menu items costs to prepare is one of the most basic yet overlooked aspects of running a profitable restaurant. Costing out your menu can be an arduous task, but you must know your menu cost before you can make intelligent decisions on cost-cutting, price increases or other changes to your menu.

This course teaches managers and owners how to implement a menu costing system using the Menu & Recipe Costing template. We'll guide you step-by-step from set up to implementation, including best practices for daily execution.
Operating a restaurant requires much more than serving food and taking care of employees and customers. Success isn't just measured in terms of happy guests but ultimately in the cold, hard realities of facts, figures and finances. There is a big difference between running a restaurant and building a profitable business and understanding your numbers is one skill that virtually all successful business people possess.
This course will show you in a practical, realistic and easy to understand way how to make your P&L one of your most valuable controls. You’ll learn how to accurately evaluate the performance of your restaurant using your P&L.
Your staff may be using words and phrases that make them appear distant, cold and even uncaring to your guests. Learn language that will produce more positive connections with your restaurant’s guests.