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The history of sparkling wine dates back to the 17th century and over the last few hundred years, this incredible drink has gained a remarkable reputation around the world. In this episode, we cover a brief history of Champagne, delving into the names that made it what it is today as well as the fact that the art of making sparkling wine may not actually originate from France as many might think...

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In this video we'll try to answer the following questions:
• Which are the most expensive champagne bottles?
• Where can you find the most expensive champagnes?
• Who sells the most expensive champagnes?
• What champagne brands usually make the most expensive bottles?
• What jewellery is used in the making of the most expensive champagne bottles?
Incredible attention to detail is the hallmark of making champagne. From cutting the proper grapes, to fermentation and turning the bottles, nothing is left to chance.
Erik Segelbaum of DC's Le Diplomate shows you how to properly uncork your bubbly.