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Nick Perdomo offers some great tips on the best practices for properly smoking a cigar to achieve the most out of your smoking experience.
Business Insider UK spoke to Amelia Singer, a wine expert. Singer is a TV presenter on The Wine Show and writes for Waitrose Food Magazine. She told us about the most common mistakes made when serving wine.
We are all wired to read non-verbal communication messages, and specific signals can instantly associate you with being a leader and having a higher social status. In this video we give you a brief visual description of what some of these signals are.
Patrick Cappiello, the wine director at Rebelle in New York City shares tips on how to swirl your wine without spilling it like an a-hole. He also explains why you should swirl your wine in the first place.
What should you do with that Wasabi? Can I use my fingers? I’m supposed to eat that ginger, right? Katuzaka Iimori, the executive chef at Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya in New York City, answers all those questions when he shows us the proper way to eat sushi.
How to Drink Whiskey like a Sir.