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Service from the heart means intuitively tapping into a guest’s emotions. Learn key ways to create emotional connection with guests, why your steps-of-service checklist might be holding you back, and how to move to the next level of guest service by honing your emotional intelligence.
When it comes to sweeping guests off their feet, we assume we need to pull off grand gestures. But instead of thinking big, what if we think small? We will share creative ways staff members have wowed guests through a healthy obsession with the details.
Service excellence is a gift we give our guests. Learn how you can put a bow on top through the way you speak, stand and present yourself. We share five common pitfalls, and how the best service professionals create a branded experience through everything they do.

Presented by:
Gina Taylor | Vice President of Training Services, Forbes Travel Guide
Jeff Wielgopolan | Senior Vice President of Learning & Development, Forbes Travel Guide
Join us for this unique opportunity to hear directly from one of Forbes Travel Guide’s expert inspectors who has visited more than 700 hotels, restaurants and spas around the world. Find out what inspectors look for before they even walk through the door, and how to make them smile without fail. There will be an opportunity for Q&A.

Presented by:
Jeff Wielgopolan | Senior Vice President of Learning & Development, Forbes Travel Guide
Anonymous Inspector | Forbes Travel Guide
What do the world’s best hospitality staff have in common with magicians? The ability to surprise and delight by seeming to read people’s minds. We pull back the curtain on this powerful skill, which we call Plus One Service. Learn to think ahead of the guest and to tap into your intuition to create a personalized experience.

Presented by:
Megan Torrance | Director of Learning & Development (The Americas), Forbes Travel Guide
We all know that courtesy is essential to an excellent service experience. Yet this fundamental skill is often overlooked and underestimated. Learn more about how to put your best self forward to guests, and the places you might be missing the mark without even realizing it.

Presented by:
Gina Taylor | Vice President of Training Services, Forbes Travel Guide
Amanda Frasier, Executive Vice President, Standards & Ratings and Jeff Wielgopolan, Senior Vice President, Learning & Development will discuss what hotel, restaurant and spa experiences might look like in the wake of COVID-19 – as well as sharing career advice and their most memorable service stories, including a few surprises.

Presented by:
Jeff Wielgopolan | Senior Vice President of Learning & Development, Forbes Travel Guide
Amanda Frasier | Executive Vice President of Standards & Ratings, Forbes Travel Guide
Learn about Forbes Travel Guide’s service philosophy – now 62 years strong – and how you can apply it to your career in a rapidly changing hospitality landscape. We will share five guiding principles that you can implement anywhere, anytime to make a great impression.

Presented by:
Jeff Wielgopolan | Senior Vice President of Learning & Development, Forbes Travel Guide
Join us for a special panel discussion with renowned health and hospitality experts where they will provide their perspectives on how hospitality leaders are managing through the COVID-19 crisis — including a high-level overview of efforts to secure relief for the industry; what’s in store for the future of travel; and how and when the industry can best position itself for recovery. Hosted by Forbes Travel Guide and the U.S. Travel Association.

Moderator: Jeff Arnold | Chairman, Forbes Travel Guide & CEO, Sharecare


Roger Dow | President & CEO, U.S. Travel Association

Dr. Mehmet Oz | Medical Leader, Author, Emmy Award Winner

Filip Boyen | CEO, Forbes Travel Guide

Jerry Inzerillo | Vice Chairman, Forbes Travel Guide
Discussion with my guest Alejandra Abad, a 2019 graduate from Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, about career paths and motivation to stay or leave the traditional hotel career.
How should hospitality management provide leadership for hotel trainees. Presenting practical feedback from hospitality management trainees
Discussion with my guest Sehnaz Cehreli Shefik, owner and founder of the first boutique hospitality consultancy company in Turkey, about;
- Young Travellers needs
- Luxury travel trends
- What makes a destination a ¨luxury destination. ¨

A little bit about Sehnaz Cehreli Shefik:
She found Cehreli Tourism, Promotion, Organization, and Consulting Ltd. Co. with her brother Ibrahim Cehreli who has been working in the investment banking and finance industry for 10 years. Throughout the years, they have realised most of the important international hotel chain projects in TURKEY and other countries.

Şehnaz Çehreli Shefik is also an active volunteer participant in tourism industry with her memberships in International and Turkish Tourism Associations. She has been awarded as "THE BUSINESSWOMAN OF THE YEAR" in 2001-2002 for the Hotel and Tourism Industry in Turkey.
I joined joined the Les Clefs d'Or Finland 40th anniversary reception held at Kämp hotel in Helsinki. Met up with the founding members and current and past Presidents of the organisation. Check out the video what they have to say why they are passionate about being members and wearing the Golden Keys on their lapel.
- Breaking down what Forbes Travel Guide do in global luxury travel. ( Inspections, Classifications and Service standards)
- What are the needs of high end luxury travellers ( Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z are they really that different?
- Challenges in the industry with hotel school graduates. How to attract, inspire and motivate the new generation talent.
- Challenges with Concierge, out source or retain in-house. Pro active vs. Re-active. Concierge service at its best!
- Service style staff unscripted vs scripted.
- What does luxury service mean to Filip Boyen himself.
Have you noticed what are the talks among friends and also between people in Social Media about year 2020 travel plans?

I am hearing some stuff and there is a trend. Jayanth Kolla has collected some valuable data .
We will discuss exactly what seems to be happening around the world about holiday travel aka the travel bubble..
The next innovation and disruption in the Travel and Tourism industry could come from... Banking & Financial Services and Technology industries

According to a research made by Podium 96% of businesses say a fast response to customers is important.
Yet, 82% of customers say businesses aren't fast enough.
There is a huge gap between expectation and actual when it comes to speed and responsiveness. But smart organizations can close that gap, attract more customers, and steal market share.

I discuss with Jayanth Kolla, Founder and Partner, Convergence Catalyst
potential Disruption, Marketing Ideas and Tips and Deep Technologies based Solutions for current and post-Covid world for the Travel and Hospitality industry
Discussion with my guest Vilhelmiina Mähönen, where she reveals some great reasons about driving your viewers to your website than to a social media platform.
What are the most important deep tech solutions for travel and tourism, and why they matter?
What’s the general sentiment across the tourism sector in Malta? What are the authorities doing to incentivise tourists to visit us? What are the forecasts for the future?

In addressing these questions and more the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association in collaboration with the Ministry for Tourism and Consumer Protection and the Malta Tourism Authority have organised the webinar REIGNITING TOURISM on 16th July 2020 with the participation of BOV, Deloitte, AirMalta and Forbes Travel Guide.