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Cultural Integration

Cultural Integration in the Workplace

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About the Course

Cultural diversity can be a great positive asset in the workplace. But in many cases we are not always sure how to interact most effectively with those whose values and behaviours differ from our own.

How well employees can interact with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds, adapt to new multicultural working environments can be fundamental to how a company performs in local and international markets. In today’s business world, an increasing number of businesses in Malta consider intercultural skills to be a vital ingredient for success.

With the growing importance of integration on the business agenda and the fact that Malta now has a multicultural workforce, the purpose of this Award is to introduce employees from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds to understanding what it means to work in a multicultural environment.

Choosing this Cultural Integration course as part of a professional development will give participants the skills and techniques to thrive in multicultural environments and build fruitful working relationships in Malta.

Target Audience

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

understand what makes the cultures that they are familiar with distinct and compare these with less familiar cultures

use a selection of tried and tested communication techniques

identify their intercultural strengths and areas needing further development.

examine how cultural and other influences have shaped their workplace communication preferences and how these may be viewed by others

demonstrate flexibility in adapting their behaviour and communication style to a range of multicultural and multilingual contexts. 

appreciate diversity & inclusion in teams and capitalise on it to enhance team harmony and performance

make a positive contribution to team cohesion, enabling the team to better cope with uncertainty and impromptu situations


The course will consist of highly interactive workshops and team-based activities giving participants the opportunity to explore and build competencies in cultural integration.



Understanding Culture

Define culture and identify cultural patterns

Defining Malta: culture, society, history and heritage

Explaining culture – investigating personal culture

Cross cultural awareness exercise


Overcoming Barriers

Understanding stereotypes and their dangers

Overcoming assumptions, prejudices and misunderstandings

How to make the best first impression

Communication Techniques

Differing codes: communication styles, language, use of time, decision-making, information transfer, ways of reasoning, importance of relationships, attitude to change

Identifying communication types – paralinguistic, gestures, direct and indirect

Dealing with difference & communicating effectively

Understanding Diversity

Hofstede’s Dimensions of cross culturalism 

Understanding the cultural differences inherent to values

Avoiding cultural shock – fostering inclusion, tolerance and intercultural awareness

Developing ways of dealing effectively with diversity

Techniques for overcoming cultural barriers

Maximising the Benefits for the Workplace

Identifying values at work to overcome misunderstanding

Cultural differences and potential synergies with colleagues

Reflecting on shared cultural values, attitudes and behaviours

Creating an environment of growth to share best practices

Ways of showing trust, recognition and enthusiasm

Building team cohesion

Applying cross cultural communication techniques to the workplace

Review of attitudes, beliefs, assumptions, skills and knowledge acquired and application to work roles