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English for the Tourism & Hospitality Sector

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Our English for the Tourism and Hospitality Industry Course is specifically designed for those who are pursuing or have already started a career in the Tourism and Hospitality Sector. Following the communicative approach, it is divided into two levels, the pre-intermediate level and the intermediate/ upper-intermediate level (as described by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) ), in order to cater for the varied needs of learners who have different levels of abilities when using the English language.

The English for the Tourism and Hospitality Industry Course offers learners the chance to improve and practise specialised vocabulary and structures needed for the particular area of work involving e-mails and reports, reading and examining safety regulations, managing a team of professionals and implementing customer service. Throughout this course, learners will be guided by their needs and wants and topics will include but are not limited to: hotels, travel agents, tours, restaurants, money and hygiene. Course participants will be able to practise using the English language in seminars, group sessions and communicative practice activities and receive supplementary tuition for essential core skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

The course will focus on and include all aspects of English language learning:

  1. Vocabulary

  2. Pronunciation 

  3. Grammar

  4. Reading

  5. Speaking

  6. Listening

  7. Writing

Worksheets according to the various levels of English will be prepared for handout and practice. Each lesson will focus on 3 or more of the above, including in class interaction and role play with scenarios will be fundamental learning exercises.

Hospitality and Tourism Language terms will be introduced and recognised.

  1. Questions and Answers

  2. Match the columns

  3. Fill the gap

  4. True/False

  5. Match the diagram to the word

  6. Crosswords

  7. Dialogue reading and acting

  8. Listening to audio stories and situation with Q&A and discussion

  9. thereafter.

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