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Nation and Destination Branding

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Nation branding is a relatively new concept. It is the process of applying corporate branding techniques to promote countries, the main objective is to build and manage the reputation of a state. Nation branding is practiced by many states including Canada, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, UAE, South Africa, and New Zealand. There is a growing interest among less affluent states to practice nation branding as it has the capacity to improve their image abroad and promote trade, tourism and direct investment. On the other hand Destination Branding is one of the activities relating to Destination Marketing, which is aimed at promoting a tourist destination through the building of a linked brand. The purpose is to give value to the destination, so that tourists or travellers are able to recognize and share the brand identity.

  • Introduction to the Nation Brands, Destination Brands, and an Overview
    • Introduction to the Nation Brands, Destination Brands and an overview
  • Relevance, scope and evolution of Nation Brands and Destination Brands
    • Relevance, scope and evolution of Nation Brands and Destination Brands
  • Elements of nation-branding strategy
    • Elements of nation-branding strategy
  • Elements of Destination brand strategy
    • Elements of Destination Brand Strategy
  • Best practices and Future Trends
    • Best Practices & Future Trends
Prathish Nair
Prathish Nair
Chief Brand Architect, Trancend Brand Consulting

Prathish is Trancend Consulting's Founder & Chief Business Architect. He is also advisor to the Malta based Mediterranean Foundation and advisor to the Central African Nations Economic Mission. With over twenty years' experience of brand building and consumer work in many sectors and categories including FMCG, Banking, Corporate, Airports, Hospitality, Consumer Products and Retail that include Rebrands of Canara Bank, Ceat Tyres, Tata Capital, Livguard Batteries, KLF Nirmal , Livpure Appliances, Synthite. New Brands: Bengaluru International Airport, Hyderabad International Airport, Minera Steel & Power, Trident Hotels, Lectrix EV’s, Coconad, Nirmal Virgin Coconut Range , , MYK Arment, HappyDriver, ShopBox , and many others. International clients: Caterpillar Worldwide, Martin Engineering, Bosch Siemens Home, KAO Japan, Dentsu Japan Before Trancend , Prathish was the Head of Business Development at Brand Union India and Sub Continent region. He graduated from School of Management, Pondicherry with a Master’s degree in Marketing Management and has also attended the “Building innovative brand’s” executive program from Stanford University Graduate School of Business. When not travelling to on business, Prathish loves to experiment mixing different cuisines, or discussing the merits of an innovative idea that can improve the quality of life & business with his friends. Specialties: Strategic Business Consulting, Rebranding Management, Brand Architecture, Brand Naming Development , Innovations Development.